The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires the following information
be included in an IEP:

  • Present level of academic achievement and functional performance
  • Annual Goals
  • Description of how progress towards goals will be measured
  • Special education services that will be provided
  • Related Services, Supplementary Aids, Supplementary Services
  • Program modifications (to aid child in reaching goals set above)
  • The extents to which the child will (and will not) participate in academic and
  • non-academic activities with non-disabled peers
  • Individual Accommodations
  • Projected date for implementation of the IEP
  • Frequency, location and duration of services
  • Transition planning for a child 15 and older

ALL areas must be included in an IEP, regardless of the state the IEP is created in, age
of child, or disability.

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