Success By Design Education offers Affordable educational testing in a friendly, one-on-one setting. Identifying your child’s academic and behavioral strengths and weaknesses is the first step in building child-centered education, home and community supports! Testing can also help determine whether or not your child has a learning, cognitive and/or emotional disability.

Academic testing helps identify your child’s academic growth, strengths and areas of weakness. Results help teachers and other professionals to design an education that meets your child’s unique learning needs!

 Academic achievement is measured by the Woodcock Johnson III tests of Achievement. The 60 minute test is administered one-on-one and measures multiple areas of academic performance including:  Reading fluency, passage comprehension, math fluency, quantitative concepts, recall, vocabulary, oral fluency, academic knowledge and application.

Behavior Testing helps identify your child’s social/emotional strengths and areas of weakness. BASC-2 is a world renown behavior/emotional system that helps the child, professionals, and parents learn about  the child’s behavior and feelings. The assessment system focuses on a child’s strengths and weaknesses.  It is an important identification tool.

Results of  BASC-2 can be utilized by education professionals, psychologist and physicians to help celebrate a child’s strengths and build support around areas of identified weakness.

Testing your child may help him or her qualify for IEP or 504 services.

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