NEW in January 2016!

We are excited to be able to offer Assistive Technology Explorations to students 5th– College. Research shows that Assistive Technology (apps, software and hardware) can be one of the most instrumental components in allowing students with learning differences to access learning. We’re all about moving students forward!

After years of working in and with schools to educate kids with special needs, we have found that it is usually easy to get the accommodation “access to assisted technology” written into IEPs & 504s, but difficult to get the training to support that accommodation. We are thrilled to be expanding our services to offer students one-on-one support in this area.

AT can support students with: pacing, processing, organization, reading, writing, note taking, passage summarizing.

About the Process:

Our sessions are conducted one on one so that your child can experiment with software, apps and hardware specific to his/her need(s). All sessions include an Intake, Exploration, Summary Document, and are conducted by a Success By Design staff member with classroom experience and a Masters degree in education.

An AT Exploration can be powerful tool for students who are transitioning to elementary, middle, high and/or college. As demands increase, students with leaning differences often feel overwhelmed. AT can help navigate those difficult transitions.

Knowing how to effectively use AT in the classroom can be a huge boost to a student with leaning differences, increasing learning, motivation and self-esteem.


Sign Up:

 Assistive Technology can be very expensive; an AT Exploration Session will allow your child to try it before you buy it!

 Call or Email today to sign your child up for a 2 hour AT Exploration! (757) 692-3528 or


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