Child Advacacy Teacher with studentSuccess By Design Education is an education consulting and advocacy practice that works exclusively with families and their kid(s) with special needs to design education plans and obtain support services in public and private schools in Metro Denver. Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and 504 consulting is provided for families of students in grades K-12 by Julie Hagy-Hancock, M.S..

Formerly a special education teacher and IEP coordinator, Julie saw firsthand the frustration that parents face when preparing for and attending education planning meetings at their child’s school. She also witnessed limitations that some schools put on services, legal loopholes in documents and the absence of support services and learning objectives the child would need to succeed.

These meetings left neither the parents nor school feeling great. Julie founded Success By Design Education as a way to bridge this gap. Julie believes that schools, parents and advocates can work together in effectively educating students with special needs when everyone involved has a strong understanding of the process, the law and most importantly, the child.

Julie prepares for and attends school meetings with parents of students grades K-12. Contact her today to set up a free initial consultation.

To find out more about the work Julie does as a SPED child advocate, visit the “Advocacy” link of this website.

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Julie Hagy-Hancock, M.S., is a Special Education Consultant/Child Advocate for families in Boulder, Denver and surrounding Colorado. With a B.A. in Communication Studies, mediation training, and a Masters in Special Education, Julie has spent the last 12 years specializing in advocacy, tutoring, behavior intervention, recreation and eligibility for students with special needs.

Julie has been awarded numerous grants to conduct research on best-practice methods for working with students with special needs. She has shared her expertise and researched methods in local and national conferences. Her research-based strategies have been implemented in schools across the country. Additionally, she has taught future special education teachers, as a university adjunct faculty member. As a former SPED teacher, Julie is able to advocate for students’ needs drawing from both the professional advocate and the classroom perspective.

Consulting, tutoring and intervention are carried out in schools or in her office, in a calm, cooperative style that encourages participation and growth. Julie incorporates self-monitoring and stress release strategies in each student’s Success Design Plan, which can help alleviate stress from the overall school and/or family dynamic, and increase self esteem.

Julie’s goal for students is simple: Success. Whether it relates to school or home, academics or behavior, success is a good feeling. Success does not come without design. Each academic intervention program is designed specifically to fit the needs and learning style of your child. Julie offers individualized plans, whether it is helping advocate in the IEP or 504 process or teaching your child replacement behaviors or attention retention techniques.

Julie believes in the power of healthy communication and good relationships. She works to build and maintain relationships amongst students, families, teachers and support professionals.

Julie offers the following consultation services:

Executive Skill Building (ie: Planning and Organization, Metacognition, Working Memory, Task Initiation, Response Inhibition, Time Management, and Self-Monitoring)
Behavior Assessments and Planning (home and/or school)

Counties Served: Boulder, Denver, Broomfield, Gilpin, Jefferson, Adams, Weld, Larimer, Grand, Arapahoe

Free initial consultation.

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Special Education Advocacy for out-of-state families:

My practice is based out of Metro Denver, Colorado. However, I often assist families out
of state. Skype, phone and fax aid in out-of-state consultations. Also, in certain
instances, I can travel out of sate for IEP and other important meetings.

Finding a special education advocate you are comfortable with should be a priority;
state lines should not be a barrier.

Contact me today to set up a free initial consultation: (757) 692-3528